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Unlike traditional showers, the adventure showers have water games, different fragrances and aromas and colorful lightings. Adventure showers also have control devices, fragrance dispensing units, lighting and voice effects. Today, these showers are a need rather than a luxury for the people of modern time.

Adventure showers are the most preferred shower type in SPA centers. It is a unique experience for SPA users. Tropical Storm Shower, Ocean Shower, Polar Rain Shower, Fresh Aroma Shower, Tropical Aroma Shower and many various shower experiences make possible for users to experience different places, seasons and natural events. Shower effect can be experience with vapor spray, rain shower can be created, sound effects like thunder voice, visual and other effects can be added to this experience. Adventure shower is simply a magical box, illusion wonder. With the rain pours down your head after a thunder and the scent spreading the atmosphere, your journey to quite different locations begins leaving behind all the troubles that rack your mind.

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