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Himalayan Salt


Himalayan crystal salt has matured over the past 250 million years under intense tectonic pressure in an environment that’s free of toxins and impurities.Even better, this form of salt contains about 84 natural minerals and elements used by the human body.


Himalayan crystal salt offers health benefits such as:


1) Regulating water levels in the body;
2) Promoting stable pH balance;
3) Encouraging healthy blood sugar levels;
4) Reducing the appearance of aging;
5) Promoting cellular hydroelectric energy balance;
6) Aiding vascular health;
7) Supporting healthy respiratory function;
8) Promoting overall sinus health;
9) Reducing cramps;
10) Promoting healthy sleep patterns;
11) Encouraging healthy libido;
12) Promoting kidney and gallbladder health.


Himalayan salt lamp


Real Himalayan Salt Lamps are actually solid blocks of Himalayan salt that have been hand-carved. Deep underground mines in Khewra, Pakistan, located on the western edge of the Himalayan Mountains, are the only source of true Himalayan pink salt. The color of Himalayan salt lamps ranges from a light pink to a pinkish orange with the hue a result of the mineral concentration. Within the hollowed-out center of this block of salt is a light bulb that emits both light and heat. A salt lamp is not a lamp at all if it doesn’t have the light and heat source within it. Without that, it’s just a block of salt.


Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits:


1) Neutralizing electromagnetic radiation;
2) Cleanse & Deodorize the air;
3) Reduce asthma and allergy symptoms;
4) Eases Coughing;
5) Improve breathing;
6) Better sleep;
7) Increase energy levels;
8) Reduce stress and increase performance;
9) Improve Mood & Concentration;
10) Treat seasonal affective disorder;
11) Reduce static electricity in the air;
12) Environmentally-friendly light source.

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